Our Vision

Born out of experience and the belief that there is an ever-increasing need for independent co-working spaces, Today Studios is a purpose-built and purpose-designed workspace for creatives.


Why Today Studios?

Our principle is that true progress comes from partnerships between creative disciplines. We understand the power of collaboration.

Today Studios is not just a space to work in, it inspires, educates and supports through our network and community of like-minded creatives.

The Space

Today Studios was designed with our long-standing creative partners Aldworth James & Bond. We drew from both research and our own experience of working in and designing spaces for creatives over the last 10 years.

Today Studios is an ambitious yet understated space. From the meeting booths and tea points to the ample desk space, everything has been carefully considered and designed to work within a calm and minimal aesthetic.

“We wanted to create a bright, serene and implicitly functional space that’s a joy to work in.”

David Johnston
Founder of Today Studios


As part of our ongoing mission to support the creative community, we are designing and making products, using Today Studios as a rigorous testing ground before putting ideas to market.

We worked with design and fabrication specialists Aldworth James & Bond on the space, and bespoke furniture and fittings are featured throughout the building.

Staff uniforms were designed in collaboration with pioneering fashion designer Christopher Raeburn.

In the future, anything related to our environment will be an opportunity for us to revisit, rethink and reimagine.